Indoor rowing.  The most efficient indoor training sport

Indoor rowing uses over 85% of your muscle groups, more than cycling or running and it burns more calories. Rowing is also low impact. This is why more and more people are turning to indoor rowing for their training. If you can set aside 20 minutes for your daily training then the indoor rowing machine or ‘erg’ is for you.

To get the best out of your indoor rowing session, avoid injury and look like a world class rower, you need to master the basic techniques of rowing.

Setting up the erg, the 4 main rowing strokes and warming up for your session. imersU’s Olympian rowers, Imogen Grant and Tom George, talk you through these moves.

Setting Yourself Up On The ERG - Imogen
Setting Yourself Up On The ERG - Tom
The 4 Key Rowing Moves
The 4 Key Rowing Moves
Warming Up
Warming Up
Warming Up
A 15-minute Training Session